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[News] PTS 1.5.0 Patch Note Edits and Omissions

11:19 am, October 17, 2014 Source   Hey guys! We're editing the original post to include some missing patch notes from this build (including a couple werewolf notes you all were waiting for). They include the f [..] View

Question about phasing

11:19 pm, August 17, 2014 Hi, I've heard there are different "phases" on the servers, which is why the place isn't absolutely flooded with people. Earlier today I was in a phase that had a ton [..] View

Workshop Wednesday - Give Crafting Tips, Offer Services, Help Your Fellow Crafters!

11:19 pm, April 2, 2014 Hey folks, Welcome to Workshop Wednesday, a community-building, regularly occurring thread on the subreddit! Workshop Wednesday is a thread aimed at all things crafting, from sharing tips and knowledg [..] View

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