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[Discussion] ZOS is Working on Trial Accounts

11:19 am, October 17, 2014 There is obviously no time-table associated with any of this information and for that matter no definitive answer on exactly what a "Trial" account exactly means in ESO. Having said [..] View

[NEWS] ESO PTS 1.5.0 Patch Notes Readable (long)

11:19 pm, October 13, 2014 FYI - The PTS Download for 1.5 was over 13 gigs! Disc usage after patching: 1.4.5 - 34.8 gigs 1.5.0 - 38.0 gigs   Source   OVERVIEW Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.5, our fi [..] View

Rewards for using play time on PTS

11:19 am, October 12, 2014 This isn't my idea originally I have seen it before I just don't know who do give credit to. Anyway, I know ZOS really wants more people to participate in the PTS so that when patches [..] View

Will we ever be able to link our original game account to Steam?

11:19 pm, October 9, 2014 First of all, let me say that I am a huge fan of ESO as well as Steam. Reading the comments and "reviews" about ESO on Steam is frustrating, to say the least. Players who bought the [..] View

JPMorgan Chase Hacked, 83 Million entities compromised

11:19 pm, October 3, 2014 Because that Home Depot hack a few weeks ago of 56 million wasn't bad enough and it's been a while since we've seen a major financial institution get hacked.   http://www.reuters.com/article/ [..] View

Need a little help with some error codes.

11:19 pm, September 28, 2014 So I bought the game on steam thanks to the sale, downloaded it, agreed to all the stuff and tried to log into the client. For some reason it wont let me in. I played the beta so I figured that it was [..] View

[Discussion]500 Error...I just wanna play the game

11:19 pm, September 28, 2014 I just bought the game last night. I was really excited and ready to star, but when I went to sign up, 500 error on the accounts page. I thought "oh that'll probably go away in a few& [..] View

Keeping Track of Passwords

11:19 pm, September 23, 2014 I recently went through several of my accounts from various sites and apps, etc and changed and updated all of my passwords. It's going to be difficult to remember them all. Do you have any sort of me [..] View

Unofficial Minecraft Thread #121

11:19 am, August 24, 2014 Minecraft is a creative sandbox game centered around exploration and survival; exploring and gathering resources allows you to protect yourself against a variety of monsters that hunt you down during [..] View

How beast is your horse? Ideal horse feed

11:19 am, August 14, 2014 What's your favorite horse build so far? I'm still rockin the **** chocolate one, but after some time I have managed to invest quite a few points into her. After testing this on a coup [..] View

[PSA] "Gold Farming" is a suspendable offense.

11:19 pm, August 13, 2014 Got my account back! updates are at the bottom. I am now 60 hours into my suspension for "Gold Farming." Yes i have that in quotes for a reason. This is what i was told after many ph [..] View

Why can't we just have a vendor with Imperial edition/Pre Order/Beta Tester items?

11:19 am, August 7, 2014 I was thinking earlier about how at launch those who accidentally deleted their Imperial Edition/Pre Order/Beta Tester items (Rings of Mara, pets, etc), why don't we just have a vendor that se [..] View

[Guide] Vanity Pets and You

11:19 am, July 26, 2014 After numerous requests in zone chat for me to explain how I got my hands on ___ pet, I've decided to just write up a guide for the good people of Tamriel. This guide is up to date as of 7/25/ [..] View

PSA Account ban caught in crossfire

11:19 pm, July 16, 2014 So If you look at my past history in this sub I have been a defender of ESO and ZMO. I am not sure how I feel about the company presently. I recently purchased a second account for myself/wife due to [..] View

Refreshing Shadows (NB- Passive) bugged?

11:19 pm, July 15, 2014 I tested this passive on 2 different accounts (and different chars) and PCs, since the last patch it doesnt increase stamina regen at all... even the acceleration arrows are missing now... Anyone else [..] View

Note to players, do not forget your account secret question, I have been locked out of the game all weekend because mine is incorrect.

11:19 am, June 30, 2014 So I guess I was dumb enough to choose a secret question to my main ZOS account that I no longer remember the answer too. Because of this I have been locked out of the game for the entire weekend. Eve [..] View


11:19 am, June 19, 2014 If i made two different accounts. am i bound to Play in the first PvP server that I Picked. or can i play with different profile in different servers submitted by metalrain5335 [link] [2 comments] View

[Discussion] Hey, endgame questions...

11:19 am, June 19, 2014 Hey guys, I really was looking forward to this game and really was enjoying it. I've really turned into more of a casual MMO player (gamer in general). Half way through leveling my free month [..] View

good email account

11:19 pm, June 14, 2014 I've used hotmail for a long time, but now they ask for personal information (phone number etc), claiming it is for security reasons, and it will become obligatory within 7 days. I find that uncomfort [..] View

Did anyone else get this message?

11:19 am, June 13, 2014 "Hey there! I'm sending this message because I saw your content on /r/ElderScrollsOnline. This message is a copy/paste, but I beg that you hear me out. I'm a poor ************ [..] View

How do you guys feel about multi-boxers?

11:19 pm, June 11, 2014 Had my second run in with a multi-boxer last night. Guy had 20+ accounts stuck to him, running around taking keeps / farms etc all by himself. Zone chat was lit up about it, saying its basically a one [..] View

Guests in forum.

11:19 am, May 22, 2014 Why do think some users browse as guests and don't create an account? There is 122 guests in Skyrim Discussion. Do you think it would be better if they created  accounts?   &nbsp [..] View

Weighing in on the economy of rare motifs

11:19 pm, May 19, 2014 I wanted to talk about the current economy in EOS and have a debate about it because it is well It has a cold. It started with the 1.06 patch and the motif drop rate nerf. Now mind you this was an att [..] View

I know this sounds lame, but why not put a CAPTCHA requirement for creating new characters?

11:19 pm, May 14, 2014 Flagging accounts that create a lot of players in a short time might not be as easily implemented as some people think, and still involves human resources on the ZOS side (they have other things to wo [..] View

Zenimax can we have an official word on your broken billing system?

11:19 pm, May 13, 2014 I am posting here because I cannot post on the official forums as my subscription has lapsed. It lapsed because your billing system has rejected my credit card. Your rep said it was my bank. My bank [..] View

WARNING: If you give gold to your friends, they will still get banned.

11:19 am, May 4, 2014 My husband has been humming and hawing about playing the game, although I've been enjoying it a lot since release. As I had some extra gold, I wanted to give him enough to buy a fast horse so [..] View

So what's the deal with the stat "Power" anyways?

11:19 am, April 28, 2014 I've heard it accounts for an overall damage and healing increase, but I haven't really found much about it even in terms of googling. Anyone have any info to share on it? submitted b [..] View

U.S. Government ****** OUR Internet Today

11:19 pm, April 25, 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YRI5qk6KZY   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/24/net-neutrality-rules_n_5205844.html   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/24/net-neutrality_n [..] View

Reported about 30+ bots in 5 minutes.

11:19 pm, April 23, 2014 Found a spot in Rivenspire that they are teleporting(west of Fell Run, on the rocks overlooking the waterfall, Nirnroot spawns nearby), and keep reporting them as each one teleports to this location. [..] View

ESO Update / Exploit banning Megathread

11:19 am, April 19, 2014 I am sure everyone on the subreddit is aware of the recent controversy over item duplication, which has enabled some players to duplicate hundreds of items for millions of gold. ZOS has now patched th [..] View

The Technical Reality of Policing an MMO

11:19 pm, April 18, 2014 I've spent a lifetime in the law enforcement and intelligence sector (yeah that makes me an Old Guy in this crowd) so as I watch the wheels come off the community to some degree regarding the [..] View

Massive Steam data-mining effort has happened

11:19 pm, April 16, 2014 So apparently arstechnica.com mined Steam's data.   http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/04/introducing-steam-gauge-ars-reveals-steams-most-popular-games/   I knew there were over 170+ [..] View

Zenimax: Don't ban goldsellers. Put them in a private instance.

11:19 am, April 14, 2014 So, reading another thread I just had an idea. Some games are forcing cheaters to play with other cheaters, yes? Let's do the same in ESO. Instead of banning them, the ZEN Masters (they should [..] View

There is a max on ignoring accounts?

11:19 pm, April 9, 2014 submitted by QuantumHive [link] [23 comments] View

Should we - as the ESO community - be concerned about the just found Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL?

11:19 pm, April 8, 2014 hackernews and other sites are exploding with this just discovered vulnerability in OpenSSL, which appears to be very serious: http://heartbleed.com/ Right now, this test here: http://filippo.io/Heart [..] View

Eldar Scrolls Online. Can't access forums so asking here.

11:19 pm, April 7, 2014 Please don't lock right now. I am trying to go onto the ESO forums but for what ever reason they are down. I want to buy this game now, but just wanted to ask a few questions, which I can't ask becaus [..] View

An explanation for the server issues today

11:19 am, April 2, 2014 So after looking at several threads on this subreddit I think ive pieced it together... In the early hours of april fools day someone at zenimax collected the following items and placed them on the me [..] View

Minecraft Twitch Guide?

10:19 am, March 29, 2014 So i recently linked up my mojang and twitch account to try and start streaming, but for some reason, it will not let me, it keeps saying it wants me to link up my accounts when i click on broadcast s [..] View

PSA: Account security. Protect yourself from account thieves!

10:19 pm, March 27, 2014 Hey guys, As we creep up on the launch (and early access) to ESO, its really important to safeguard your computer and examine how you're accessing your Elder Scrolls Online account, as the acc [..] View

A Reminder About Discussing Topics In This Subreddit

10:19 am, March 21, 2014 With the increase in subscribers to this subreddit and the hot topics that have come through the gates lately, it's no secret that we've seen an increase of passionate, spirited debate [..] View

Reddit AMA Summary/Transcript

10:19 pm, March 20, 2014 Hey everyone, I find the current ongoing Reddit AMA a bit hard to track with 5 accounts + thousands of comments. I made a summary/transcript of all the Q&As that were answered. Hopefully this [..] View

chrome extensions and apps

10:19 pm, March 16, 2014 I have installed some Chrome apps and I was wondering what other people might suggest.   I don't need a page saving app, or note taking app. Here are the ones I have so far:  &nb [..] View

Account Security Issue - User login visible to other players.

10:19 am, March 14, 2014 I've been following a thread on MMORPG.com concerning this and I was surprised I had not seen it elsewhere. There are two separate issues here. Your friends list, guild roster, and people you [..] View

Arena Combat, eSports and Alternatives

10:19 am, March 5, 2014 I wanted to take some time to explain how I see the prospect of arena based PvP or small scale eSports style competition. First, a bit about why I feel I am qualified to speak about this. In the early [..] View

4.3 million beta accounts (speculation)

10:19 am, February 27, 2014 It seems each forum account is sequentially numbered. The last forum account created as of now is 4,371,421. http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/profile/1/System What do you guys think of those numbe [..] View

DLC Concept-Skyrim

10:19 am, February 7, 2014 DLC Concept and DesignBy Corey WilliamsThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OriginsPlot Line:Prerequisite: Must complete main story questline [Dragonslayer]Upon 100 (in game) hours past the completion [..] View

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